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就像天上落下的雨滴般,每顆都不一樣 擺在一起要平視

而且要360度 旋轉起來看,偶而會有一小花的生長紋,我會視狀況留下來。



Even if the natural pearls are the same in size

there will still be slight differences in shape, just like raindrops falling from the sky

each one is different and placed together, look up, and rotate 360 degrees to see,

occasionally there will be a small flower Growth linesI will stay depending on the situation.














6m~6.5m 左右的水滴珠



珍珠會有一種暈光 ,(俗稱珠光)


有俏麗感 ,也不會搶走臉上細緻的粧 



Water drop beads about 6m~6.5m are most suitable for the faces of oriental women.

They can sway slightly with soft dark brown hair color.

The pearls will have a halo (commonly known as pearlescent light),

and the shimmering light from the ear is pretty and beautiful. Does not take away the delicate makeup on the face.














我會挑偏金色的珠光 鑲在玫瑰金的檯脫上

有極致女人味的細膩 ,搭淺色服裝很清新 優雅 。



適合銀色的鑲檯 偏冷的色調




I will choose golden pearls and put them on the rose gold table,

which is very feminine and delicate. It is very fresh and elegant to wear light-colored clothes.

The white pearls are more suitable for the silver setting. Under the even will flash blue light.










每對珍珠耳環 都需要經過細心挑選

形狀 / 大小 / 顏色 都需謹慎成雙成對 ,仔細看我設計的耳環



Each pair of pearl earrings needs to be carefully selected for the

shape/size/color. They should be carefully paired and paired carefully. Look carefully at the earrings I designed























金色的耳環上 ,珍珠是暖色系的如 春天 🌞

銀色的耳環上 ,珍珠是冷色系的如 秋天 🍁



賦予冷暖的視覺 是不是更貼近日常