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當 東 方 遇 見 西 方


歐洲的巴洛克建築 ,皆有百年歷史 不乏在裝飾中 ,看到屢屢東方風 

細緻的鳳麟釉彩 ,翠鳥嘴上的朱紅 ,柔膩卻深長的綿柔 佔據西方人對中國的目光及喜愛 。 

珠寶設計是一種心靈轉化的體現 ,以線條 搭配寶石,或其他元素串出視覺 可穿配 可收藏。 






喜將元素劃分成陰陽 或是東西文化兩種風格

藉以提高能量互補和諧 。


自幼往返於東西方國家 ,不僅僅是身體上的移動

更是在旅途中 ,學習無差異的包容 未曾停止 。


允許自己的思想有如易經中所說   人生使命須不斷創新

也為西方的自由和平風采 為之癡迷  




I like to divide the elements into two styles of Yin and Yang or Eastern and Western cultures, so as to improve the energy complementarity and harmony. Traveling to and from Eastern and Western countries since childhood is not only a physical movement, but also a journey of learning about tolerance without differences. Allow your own thoughts to be as in the Book of Changes, the mission of life must be constantly innovating, and be obsessed with the freedom and peace of the West.











" 東方富足的葫蘆 ,在維也納的壁爐上 燃起禪意  "

烙下的一束光影 ,有著迎福之意   大肚能容氣 小口輕適意














宮殿中文藝復興的圖騰 , 如騎士以準備出征 

動人生命的風火時期 創造和平融合的帝國 。


筆下的描繪 沒有分國界 ,是感性與雍容 不極端不取悅。 






The totems of the Renaissance in the palace, such as knights, are ready to go out to create a peaceful fusion of empires in the time of life-moving wind and fire. The depiction in the pen has no borders, it is sensibility and grace, not extreme and not pleasing.